When looking at wheelchair bound individuals, each individual pattern of movement is different from the next.

Sitting, back pain, head aches...why??

A few weekends ago, I was afforded the opportunity to work with BC Wheelchair Basketball as they hosted a Canada West tournament. This tournament was in preparation for the upcoming Canada winter games taking place in Prince George.

In 2013, the European college of sports and exercise physicians conference concluded that lumbar, lumbar-head and cervico-thoracic angles are significantly altered from an instructed/ideal sitting posture after 10-30 minutes of prolonged sitting.

Ill posture? Lets fix it.

Sit up straight; pull your shoulders back; stop slouching. How many times have we heard these cues in our lifetime? I can remember coming home from school as a youngster and hearing my mother tell me these things. Of course this is after I put down my overtly full backpack full of lunch, snacks, books etc...