The thought is that overuse paired with a strength imbalance of one’s overdeveloped hip adductors (groin muscle) and weak lower abdominal musculature (core) is the root cause.

Arian Foster's Groin Injury… What Happened?

Arian Foster underwent surgery that could have him out for half the 2015/16 NFL season. The details of the exact injury are a bit foggy. So I’ll give my best interpretation of one possibility of the issue at hand.

When looking into “broken backs”, there are two issues that determine whether or not the injury is super serious, or just kind of serious. This lies with whether or not the fracture is stable or unstable

How is it possible for an NFL quarterback to play in a game less than two weeks after breaking his back?

On December 9th, the star quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton rolled his truck in a two-vehicle accident. While strapped to a spine board, paramedics took him from the scene. He was later x-rayed and diagnosed with two fractured transverse processes (TVP) in his back.