Unfortunately for us, we live in a time where our life style predisposes us to muscle imbalances

Searching for the Long, Lost Glutes

Do you remember the first time you squatted or dead lifted in the gym?  I sure do- put weights on the bar, go down, push, come back up.  Simple. I can still remember exactly where I felt it- in my quads and low back respectively; nothing in my glutes.

Hamstring injuries (HSI) are common in sports that require powerful forceful movements such as sprinting and jumping

Pesky Hamstring Injuries

Story time.

It was the last two minutes of a rugby game; the ball was passed to me and I saw an open space leading to the end zone; I was going to score, and my team would win. Glory.

For a split second this plan seemed totally feasible.

Essentially we are aiming to prepare our body for whatever activity we are about to undertake

How should I be warming up?

One topic that has been brought up lately has been that of warming up before activity. What’s the best way to warm up?  Should I even warm up? Should I stretch before or after activity?  And the questions keep rolling in.; all pretty much the same, same but different.

So, let’s get started.

For the most part, running injuries are overuse injuries.

What is with this barefoot running thing?

It is widely acknowledged that between 30% and 80% of runners experience running-related injuries per year.